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Lion Aircon - Expert Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Perth

Are you looking for dependable cooling and refrigeration services? Lion Aircon is the right choice for you.

Lion Aircon provides complete solutions for homeowners and businesses in Perth. We are WA based, family-owned and operated air conditioning Perth company. We believe in delivering the best value and creating a positive result with all of our work by putting our customers and our team first every time.

We provide reliable preventative maintenance, repair, and installation of air conditioners, ducted, ductless mini splits, rooftop package air conditioners and much more. Our workers are well-trained and have years of experience in the business. Each of our certified technicians arrives promptly to your location and is well-prepared to tackle your repairs.

We go above and beyond to provide the right solution to our customers. We address both the symptom and the cause of any issue that you may be facing. We repair all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment in Perth and the greater area. Our exceptional services are available at competitive rates.



Ducted Evaporative Cooling is for homeowners who want to chill their entire home using 100% fresh air and minimise operating costs while reducing environmental impact.

Ducted Evaporative System, is particularly well-suited to the dry West Australian climate. Unlike ducted reverse-cycle systems, which use refrigerated dried and chilled air, a ducted evaporative system uses the natural element of water to chill the air which isn't re-circulated.

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Wall-mounted air conditioning is the most popular type as the air conditioning units are often mounted almost anywhere and sit high within the room, so will blend into the background in most settings. The whole range of wall mounted air con units that we provide are all heat pumps which means they will heat and cool as well.

Multi-Split system can air condition from two to nine rooms using only one outdoor unit, and allows individual control of the air conditioning in each room. This not only optimises comfort but saves on running costs as wastage is eliminated by only air conditioning rooms as and when required.

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If you are considering air conditioning more than one area of your house, but design constraints mean you cannot accommodate a ducted system, a great alternative is a multi-split air conditioning system.

Multi-Split system can air condition from two to nine rooms using only one outdoor unit, and allows individual control of the air conditioning in each room. This not only optimises comfort but saves on running costs as wastage is eliminated by only air conditioning rooms as and when required.

On top of the savings generated from the flexibility of Multi-Split system, further cost reductions are achieved from the energy-efficient benefits of inverter technology.

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Ducted systems are quiet, efficient and incredibly flexible. A ducted system offers you the most extensive range of options when considering your fully air-conditioned home solution. With the ability to run your air conditioning system through either ceiling or floor vents, you can choose the most effective way to keep the temperatures in your home under your control.

The unit is typically located indoors in the ceiling with flexible ductwork distributing conditioned air through vents located throughout the house, whereas, the compressor unit installed outside the home.

Ducted Reverse Cycle has increased in popularity over the last few years due to increased affordability and technological advances in the systems available. Ducted reverse cycle systems are the ultimate in-home comfort and climate control.

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The ceiling mounted cassette system may be a powerful, efficient way to deliver clean, cooled air to any room in your family home, office or retail centre.

The ceiling cassette air conditioning units are the most popular sort of air-con in offices. They can be mounted centrally in the office, allowing the evenest distribution of air across the entire room, especially when there are not any walls to install an air conditioning on within the centre of the office.

Ceiling air conditioning cassette manufactured from two main elements. The evaporator fitted inside and a condenser unit outside. The internal component of the office air conditioning and heat pump is sunken into the false ceiling. This is done by removing a few ceiling tiles, and the cassette is hung from the ceiling space above.

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Best Air Conditioning Solution is with Lion Aircon and Refrigeration

At Lion Aircon, we understand that each home and how you live in your house is one of a kind. The way to deal with the most desirable air conditioner provider is based around getting an ideal air conditioning product for you, your home and your life. Since we anticipate this, we ensure that we tune in to your requirements and offer you the best guidance on your climate control needs.

With our intensive assessments and organising, you can be sur that you'll be given the most agreeable and efficient cooling framework to suit your home or commercial workplace.

Your meeting with Lion Aircon will consistently be on schedule, proficient and as exact as could reasonably be expected. We have confidence in working out the subtleties with the client from the begin to guarantee there are no covered up or shock charges. Only genuine, quality help from devoted experts.

Regardless of whether you have a current home, are hoping to build a new home, arranging those airconditioning plans or even quietly contemplating a redesign from your old cooling framework doesn't need to be complicated.