Air Conditioning Design Services Direct to Builders

Lion Aircon and Refrigeration started back in 2005 to provide air conditioning installations and services to the building and construction sector.
We provide builders and developers with 15+ years of experience and knowledge in the heating and cooling industry. From new installations to
on-going servicing and maintenance, we are here to make your construction, and building projects cost less, run smoother, and more efficient.
We save time and bring value with efficient air designs for building industry in Perth. Lion Aircon provides decided project air designer who specialises in the new builds by assisting with material estimating and airflow calculations for the newly constructed premises.

Get more from your air conditioning installer.

Unlike traditional AC installers, Lion Aircon has an in-house air design services team with technology and knowledge of HVAC applications in the building and construction industry to aid building professionals. Our design team will provide you with accurate calculations and drafts for the best HVAC output in your new building. The full proof installation plans to not only give your project the best possible HVAC delivery but one that will enhance the value of your project upon completion.

Because every dwelling design is unique and different, we've invested in the latest project design software to calculate beast value outputs for size aspect ratios of new customised buildings delivering most optimum air conditioning solutions. We understand that every event in the construction of a new building project has key mandates that both hold-up and permit further milestones completion.

That is why Lion Aircon and Refrigeration team works with you, to plan around you so that your project doesn't get delayed costing you time and money. So whether you're looking to cover your HVAC requirements for a small or, large construction and building project, look no further, call Lion Aircon for a quick and reliable air design solution!

Imagine working with an installer that knows the layout of the building, are experts in the field and anticipate your needs. Lion Aircon gives you the tools to cut estimating time, saving you from difficulties in quoting for each job. Lion Aircon and Refrigeration are delivering tailored designed solutions making air conditioning layout plans and AMP specifications to Builders. Hold the air conditioning specification and airflow designs at your fingertips so you can understand installation costs and place orders faster, with upgrade specs and options clearly marked. Excite your clients by using detailed floorplans combined to demonstrate schematics between a single-split and a fully zoned and ducted system. Use our technicians with superior product knowledge to present the full range of features and upgrade options available.