Ceiling Mounted Cassette Air Conditioning System

The ceiling cassette air conditioning units are the most popular sort of air-con in offices. They can be mounted centrally in the office, allowing the evenest distribution of air across the entire room, especially when there are not any walls to install an air conditioning on within the centre of the office. Ceiling air conditioning cassette is manufactured from two main elements. The evaporator fitted inside and a condenser unit outside. The internal component of the office air conditioning and heat pump is sunken into the false ceiling. This is done by removing a few ceiling tiles, and the cassette is hung from the ceiling space above.

Ceiling cassette air conditioning system help fine-tune your office comfort.

The office air conditioner external unit is situated outside the building and can be wall-mounted on brackets. Copper piping runs between the cassette unit and the outdoor condenser. The refrigerant gas runs through these pipes and transfers the heat from inside the room to outside. It also removes any excess condensation in the room away, making an air conditioning unit a dehumidifier at the same time.

An inverter type, ceiling air conditioning unit is also available. The inverter technology is becoming more critical part of air conditioning. The inverter technology is costing more to buy but saving more money in the long run. The inverter type cassette systems are most suited for offices where air conditioning is required for a prolonged period every day.

Ceiling cassette ductless split systems emphasise variable speed compressors and fans which reach the desired temperature faster. Temperature is maintained more accurately and reduce energy consumption with fewer compressor startups and shutdowns. A ceiling mounted cassette system may be a powerful, efficient way to deliver clean, cooled air to any room in your family home, office or retail centre.

The ceiling mounted cassette is the least obtrusive, yet one among the foremost powerful and effective means to make sure the continued comfort of family, workers or clientele. The system comprising an outside unit with a robust but highly efficient compressor and energy-efficient DC motor minimising power consumption and automatically smooths out energy drainage peaks. The indoor self-contained cassette unit located above the ceiling provides airflow in almost every direction, sensing motion and therefore the presence of occupants, whilst also monitoring comfort levels consistent with selected settings made at a central command console.