Multi Split System - Ductless Air Conditioning Technology

Multi split system air conditioning is the most energy-efficient kind of airconditioning bringing the convenience of conditioned air to your home, office complex or commercial premise. A multi-split system comprising one compressor and condenser coil, housed during a robust cabinet positioned outside, can connect up to 5 indoor units individually set at different temperatures for varying comfort levels.The compressor supplies sufficient refrigerant to every coil to realise a maximum cooling rate at each indoor unit, then automatically reduces refrigerant flow because the set temperature in each room is achieved subsequently maintains it at that level.

Ductless multi split air conditioning systems give true year-round comfort from a single outdoor unit.

The "heart" of the multi split system is the inverter type compressor. This sort of compressor automatically regulates its workload consistent with the requirements of every individual unit and therefore, the selected temperature requiring a lower energy demand and lower power consumption once the specified temperature is achieved and maintained. An air conditioning system works on the basis of coolant. Because the refrigerant is pumped through the pipes in the outdoor unit, cold or warm air is created. This is the principle of a heat pump.

Multi split system air conditioning is far quieter and responds automatically to applied heat loads like increased occupant numbers, an influx of out of doors air through opening doors or changing solar characteristics because the sun changes direction.

Some of the benefits include consistent comfort levels for all occupants within the given size and area. Ability to independently vary comfort levels in several zones. The inverter type compressor, the critical component within the system, features a high operating performance facilitating optimum cooling until the set temperature in each room is maintained, then automatically keeps that temperature, in turn, reducing power usage. Automatically responds to changing conditions and producing a continuing temperature range and more uniform energy demand.

Suitable multi split system depends on a variety of things including the building function, internal volume, number of doors and windows and therefore the number of anticipated occupants. We'll visit your home, site or work together with your architectural team to work out the best system suited to your individual needs, whether that's for a family residence or multi‑function building.

At Lion Aircon, we will compile the most straightforward multi split air conditioning products available from a good range of options, ready to satisfy any operating characteristic which may exist. From time programmed and operated sequences that activate the AC system before you arrive home or sleep functions to shut it down after retiring each night. Even Wifi enabled applications are available to regulate your Multi-split system with a sensible phone application while you're away from home.